Mineral Search with GD 10 System

GD 10 IP/Resistivity Survey using 2d Double Dipole over a suspected regional structure for lead-zinc mineralization in Ishiagu, Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria. The survey along West-East direction of P2Line6 and P2Line4 revealed various (dipping) structures, lithogical boundaries and show high chargeability with corresponding higher resistivity over the area. It is expected that saturated/fractured shale formation will  generally yield low resistivity ( 1-40 ohm-m from the model) while the ore body which is usually associated with siderite and other intrusive bodies show higher resistivity because of very low porous. The diagnostic approach to defining possible target becomes: a higher resistivity/low and higher chargeability. In most cases, higher resistivity/higher chargeability yield better results.

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